Can your discussion forum do this? ProBoards promises to shake up the world of online forums with its completely revamped Web 2.0 forum software now available in "Open Beta."

Forum enthusiast's, blog junkies, and social media aficionado's are invited to come test drive the future of online discussion forums with ProBoards V5. With access previously restricted to a small group of software testers, ProBoards' state-of-the-art V5 free forum software is now in "Open Beta" and available to the public.

Brimming with loads of interactive Web 2.0 innovations, ProBoards' V5 forum software promises to engage the most experienced forum administrators as well as discussion board newbies. While scheduled for full release later this year, ProBoards V5 is now available for the world to test-drive and offers a look at the future of discussion-forum social media.

Having constantly evolved to meet the needs of tech-savvy users, ProBoards' free forums have always offered feature sets rivaling the most advanced social media sites. With the full release of Version 5, ProBoards will propel the venerable message board into the 21st century.

ProBoards V5 is a great departure from the static engagement environment of current message board technology. With the plentiful integration of Web 2.0 AJAX technology, interactivity is now the operative word.

The focus of V5 is to bring people closer together, drive engagement and simplify the overall forum user experience. Ultimately, ProBoards V5 is the marriage of online forums and social media at their highest levels.

Gone are the days wondering whether or not someone interacted with content you posted on a forum. In V5, members can receive alerts when others have "liked", "tagged", or "quoted' them. Moreover, using V5's "activity feeds," users can follow friends, see which topics they've participated in, read the posts they "liked" and much more. This keeps them connected and updated on interesting discussions as they develop.

With ProBoards' free forum hosting service, social media enthusiasts can build discussion groups of unlimited size, create unlimited topics, share on-the-go with smart phone apps, access free tech support and much more...all for free. Boasting well over 22 million registered users with over 3,000,000 forums created, ProBoards' award winning forum hosting supports a virtual community of like-minded discussion groups whose variety of interests boggle the imagination!

Early adopters have been stopping by ProBoards in droves to take the new "gold standard" of online forums for a test drive. For a preview of the future and ProBoards' pioneering V5 technology, go to

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