Survey Conducted for Users of Multiple Social Media Platforms

LAKE FOREST, Calif., Oct. 8, 2013 — ProBoards, the world's largest host of free Internet forums, today announced the results of its 2013 Social Media Survey. Designed to ascertain the relative use of popular social media platforms for interactive communication, the survey was primarily focused on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, blogs, and Internet forums. The survey was promoted to Internet users via Facebook, Twitter, and the ProBoards customer support forum with feedback received from more than 150 respondents.

The findings reveal that online forums are the most desired social media platform for meaningful discussion. Sixty-seven percent of respondents noted that forums were the social media tool they found most valuable, followed by Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and Google+. LinkedIn did not figure in as a significant social media tool.

Respondents also noted that they preferred forums as an avenue of communication by a factor of two to one over all other major social media platforms. "The survey results do not surprise us since platforms such as Facebook and Twitter do not give you the level of control that forums do," said Patrick Clinger, founder and CEO of ProBoards. "Forums provide greater customization and more options that allow people to build their own unique and powerful community to support their individual needs."

In detailed responses from users, Internet forums were described as the best platform for a number of reasons, ranging from "Lengthy, detailed discussions possible" to "I can choose who to talk to." Many respondents talked about the sense of community that a forum was able to better foster than other alternatives. One respondent compared Facebook to one-liners while forums provide a better atmosphere for engaging conversations.

Other users were more concerned with keeping their discussion private, or having the ability to target audience by demographic to secure the best results for messages. One response talked about forums allowing them to "connect on a more private and customized basis." A preference for online forums was also noted due to their ease of use and "speed in spreading and obtaining knowledge."

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