Hundreds of New Features Power the Next Generation of Forum Software for Internet users and Forum Administrators

ProBoards, the world's largest host of free Internet forums, today announced the immediate availability of ProBoards Version 5, the most powerful and easy-to-use Web 2.0 Internet forum software. ProBoards Version 5 is available now for free at The new Version 5.0 offers several new features and functionality that benefit Internet users and forum administrators alike.

More than four years in development, this powerful new forum software includes a live search function, a single sign-on for users, integrated notifications of new messages and topics, and a Forum Dashboard that allows users to more efficiently track activity across multiple forums at a glance. In addition, ProBoards Version 5 features greater security tools, increased privacy, enhanced moderator tools, AJAX pagination, a new mobile interface, and hundreds of other new features that emphasize ease of use and greater interaction.

"ProBoards Version 5 is the most advanced hosted forum service on the market," said Nicolas Ternisien, founder of Forum Software Reviews. ProBoards was recently awarded Best Hosted Forum Software for the second consecutive year by Forum Software Reviews. "The changes in ProBoards Version 5 will encourage forum use and participation, increasing the number of topics viewed through both SEO optimization and new tools that help drive forum engagement."

"We've completely redefined and revolutionized Internet forums with ProBoards Version 5," said Patrick Clinger, CEO and founder of ProBoards. "We've spent considerable time talking with our users to find out what features and functionality they wanted most. Based on their feedback, we've made our forum software the most powerful and customizable on the market, while creating a more intuitive user experience for everyone from forum novices to experienced web developers."

ProBoards Version 5 features include:

  • Live Search capabilities that allow users to see the results of their search automatically updated live on the screen.
  • The ProBoards Global Login system allows users to access all their forums through a single account.
  • Integrated Notifications help drive forum engagement by notifying users when they have been quoted, tagged, liked, or topics in which they have participated have been updated.
  • The ProBoards Forum Dashboard allows users to efficiently keep tabs on everything at once from a single portal. They can receive new messages, notifications, and updates to discussions they have participated in across all forums of which they are a member.

  • Fine-grained privacy controls.
  • Enhanced moderator tools to let moderators manage their forum with fewer clicks.
  • AJAX Pagination allows users to access content between pages without having to load a new page.
  • A new Conversation system provides users the ability to send personal messages that group multiple people in a single conversation rather than a series of disconnected notes.
  • WYSIWYG post editor simplifies forum posting, letting everyone edit their posts directly in a live preview.
  • A redesigned Admin Panel provides a multitude of features, including new theme customization options that are simple for new users, while remaining powerful for experienced developers.
  • A new mobile experience that puts the full power of ProBoards Version 5 in the palm of your hand.

Since its founding in 2000, ProBoards has attracted more than 22 million registered users and achieved a milestone of 3.5 million free hosted forums created. The company's site boasts over 15 million monthly unique visitors with more than 200 million page views per month.

About ProBoards

Founded in 2000, ProBoards ( is the largest provider of free forum hosting on the Internet. With millions of members, ProBoards is the preferred service provider for forum enthusiasts across the globe. At the core of this achievement is ProBoards' award-winning forum software, exceptional customer support, and dedication to continuous improvement.

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