ProBoards has strict policies regarding what content is and is not acceptable on our service. If you believe there has been a violation of one of our policies, we invite you to report this information to our Abuse Team for investigation.

Please select the type of issue you would like to report:

I was banned from a forum

ProBoards forum owners and moderators are within their rights to block your access to any ProBoards forum. Please see section 10 of the ProBoards Terms of Service for further details. ProBoards does not reverse bans put in place by forum owners or moderators.

I'm still waiting for my forum account to be approved

ProBoards is the web host for forums created using our service. We do not manage each individual forum, and therefore we do not handle approving new registered accounts at forums we host. Please contact the forum owner or moderators with any questions you have about approving your account.

Copyright Violations

We do not allow the use of third-party copyrighted material without the permission of the copyright holder. To report a violation of copyright, please read our Digital Millennium Copyright Act Policy.

Trademark Issues

ProBoards does not permit unauthorized trademark use where there is intent to deceive or where such use may cause confusion. If you believe a forum or user is utilizing your trademark in a way that affects your rights, please report it to us.

Report a trademark violation


ProBoards prohibits impersonation. If your business is being impersonated, please submit a Trademark Issues report. If you are an individual being impersonated, please submit a report of impersonation.

Adult Content

ProBoards is a family-friendly service. This means that we do not allow the posting of adult material such as pornography.

Report adult content

Harassment / Violent Threats

We strictly prohibit the posting of harassing content, including but not limited to threats of violence. If a threat has been made against you which you feel may be credible, we encourage you to first and foremost contact your local police department.

You can also report a harassment violation

Privacy Issues

We do not allow the posting of information that violates your privacy. This includes private numbers, email addresses, physical addresses, credit card numbers, and social security numbers.

If your private information has been posted, please submit a privacy violation report.

Illegal Content

ProBoards strictly prohibits the posting of content that violates the law.

Report illegal content