Avatars are personalized images that are shown next to each post you make on a forum. While traditional avatars are images that members have uploaded from their computers or have hosted with a 3rd party file host on the Internet, you have a third option which allows you to create your own avatar directly on the forum that you are a member of.

The Avatar Maker allows you to create a "cartoon" reflection of yourself, letting you choose from different head shapes, hair styles, hats, etc. allowing for thousands of different combinations you can create, ensuring that your avatar image is unique to you.

To get started with the Avatar Maker, click the Profile button that's typically found in the top menu bar of the forum, and then once you're on your profile page click the Edit Profile button. After you have clicked the Edit Profile button, you should be taken directly to the avatar settings page. Once here, look toward the right-hand side of the page for the Avatar Maker preview image, just below that image you'll see the following text: "Use the Avatar Maker to design your own!" - Click the Edit Avatar link that appears just below this line and this will bring up the avatar maker.

Once the Avatar Maker loads, you'll be given an introduction sequence showing you all of the different options you have to modify your avatar using the Avatar Maker. Once you are finished with the initial tutorial video, click anywhere in the Avatar Maker to close the introduction and you'll be free to make your own avatar!

If you are having troubles loading the Avatar Maker, it is important to note that you will need the latest version of the Adobe Flash Player to use it. Ensure that you have the latest version of Adobe Flash installed on your computer, or that you are using a device capable of running Adobe Flash.

After you have your avatar created, click the Save Avatar button to complete your changes. Once the Avatar Maker disappears you should see the avatar image you just created listed under the "Default Avatar" heading of the avatar settings page. Now that you have your avatar image created, under the "Choose how your avatar will display" heading, click the button for Use only your Default Avatar and your new avatar will be displayed next to the posts you make on the forum.

You can use a combination of the avatar image that you created using the Avatar Maker, as well as an image that you have uploaded or linked to. If you have an image that is uploaded / linked to already, that uploaded image will be used as the background for your avatar from the Avatar Maker. You can combine the two with the Combine them, use the Uploaded/Linked as a background for your Default Avatar selection!